House Mudd are a noble house in The Riverlands, and were once the Kings of the Trident from their seat House Mudd. Long thought to be extinct following the destruction of their grand castle, they were relanded following the Conquest of Aegon VI Targaryen.

History Edit

The Mudds once ruled the Riverlands for over a thousand years - their dynasty ended with the Andal Invasion. Though landless, they were not yet destroyed, as a man named Marq Mudd rose up in his own rebellion against the Storm King. The family would disappear shortly after, long thought extinct.

The Conquest Edit

Lorimas and John Mudd were two brothers in the Golden Company during Aegon VI's conquest on Westeros. They played a crucial role in leading troops with Aegon to the Reach. After celebrating many victories over the Ironborn, Aegon landed them in Oldstones. Despite the fertile and rich land, the Mudds were given the least amount of gold for their efforts and could not afford to build a proper keep until later.

War of Lords Scorned Edit

House Mudd was the only Golden Company house to not choose a side in the affair, choosing instead to continue building Oldstones. After the war was done, they enjoyed a huge influx of smallfolk and made a huge profit to fill the void Harrenhal had left when they stopped farming. This allowed them to finish their keep over the ruins of the old castle.