House Mandrake was a once powerful house that loomed in the Reach over others. It was thought to have gone extinct but was relanded following the Conquest of Aegon VI Targaryen.

History Edit

The Conquest Edit

During the Conquest Ser Marq Mandrake was a Westerosi exile that escaped slavery in his youth. Joining the Golden Company, Marq would later be instrumental in Aegon's conquest of Westeros. Proving himself to be a quick thinker despite landing at Estermont, he would take the keep Greenstone and sail north to Storm's End with hostages and ships that would prove integral to the taking of King's Landing. After the war, Marq would be allotted the castle Dunstonbury nearby Highgarden on the opposite side of the Mander. Renaming it Mandrake Hall, Marq accepted the land.