House Lydden is one of the main noble houses of the westerlands. Their castle, Deep Den, is located on the Goldroad south of Hornvale and north of Silverhill.

Their banner is a white badger on per pale green and brown.

History Edit

The Lyddens were Andal adventurers who settled in the westerlands. Ser Joffrey Lydden married into House Lannister and became the first Andal King of the Rock, ruling as King Joffrey Lannister.

House Lydden participated in the War of The Rock, siding with Tyrek Lannister.

Location Edit

House Lydden is seated at Deep Den, a keep in the Westerlands. It is located in hilly and mountainous terrain east of Lannisport, with Hornvale to the north and Silverhill to the south. TheGoldroad passes nearby.

Family Tree Edit

Notable Members Edit

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