House Lothston was a once thought extinct house that at one time held Harrenhal until its extinction. Most famously known for Mad Danielle Lothston, the House was relanded after Jon Lothston of the Golden Company returned.

History Edit

The Conquest Edit

Jon Lothston was one of the Golden Company's many officers during Aegon's Conquest of Westeros. He played a crucial role in the War in the Riverlands as a commander and was awarded land to the West of Harrenhal for their effort. Jon settled down on the land and built a new keep called Belfry Tower with a bell at the top.

The War of Lords Scorned Edit

In 330 AC, the Lothstons were among the many lords to side with Mycah Strickland during the ensuing war with the crown but later betrayed him. It is said that when Mycah's tired army approached from the South, the Lothstons rung their bell in warning to Lord Bracken, who had been holding Harrenhal. This action signaled Lord Bracken to shut the doors and leave Mycah out.

Following the war they made an effort to campaign for Harrenhal and threatened to spill blood with House Strong over it. Aegon would ignore both in favor of his son Maekar Targaryen.