House Lefford is one of the chief noble houses from the Westerlands. The seat of the House is at the Golden Tooth. The castle controls the main entrance to the Westerlands from the east.

House Lefford blazons its arms with a golden inverted pile on sky blue, a sun left in the sky. Their house words are "None Shall Pass."

History Edit

House Lefford was formed by the union of an Andal warlord with a noblewoman of the First Men. The Leffords presumably received the Golden Tooth when Cerion Lannister, the King of the Rock, conquered the area.

The Leffords sided with the greens in the Dance of the Dragons, during which Lord Lefford commanded House Lannister's army. It advanced slowly eastward because of Lord Lefford's age and infirmity. He was killed in the Battle by the Lakeshore.

During the First Blackfyre Rebellion, House Lefford remained loyal to House Targaryen. Lord Lefford was slain outside of Lannisport by Ser Quentyn Ball.

House Lefford participated in the War of The Rock, siding with Tyrek Lannister.

Location Edit

House Lefford is seated at the Golden Tooth, it is located along the river road and is east of Ashemark and Sarsfield, west of Riverrun and Pinkmaiden, and north of Hornvale. Although the Golden Tooth is a small castle, it is a strong keep commanding the hill road.

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