House Harlaw of Harlaw is one of the most powerful houses from the Iron Islands, ruling over the entire island of Harlaw from the castle of Ten Towers. Their blazon is a silver scythe on black.

All the other houses of Harlaw pledge fealty to them, including Houses Volmark, Stonetree, Myre and Kenning.

Cadet branches of the Harlaws are located at Grey Garden, Harlaw Hall, Harridan Hill, and the Tower of Glimmering.

History Edit

The Harlaws of antiquity were rock and salt kings on the island of Harlaw. Myres and the Kennings had been their bitter foes in the past, but eventually they submitted to the Harlaws.

The young Erich V Harlaw, High King of the Iron Islands, recovered Fair Isle for the ironborn, but he eventually lost the island once he grew old. His son, Harron Harlaw, slew King Gareth II Gardener at Oldtown.

The Harlaws' original keep was Harlaw Hall, until Lord Theomore Harlaw, the grandfather of Lord Rodrik Harlaw's grandfather, constructed Ten Towers. Theomore had lost three newborn sons due to the dampness and unhealthiness of Harlaw Hall and decided to build a better located dwelling, but since Theomere was a man who used to change his opinion, he ended building ten different keeps that eventually were connected by wallwalks and covered bridges, creating the castle that would be known as the Ten Towers.

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