House Greyjoy of Saltwater Sound is a cadet branch of House Greyjoy of Pyke, founded by Victarion Greyjoy in the early years of the Second Era.

History Edit

During the Second War of Conquest Victarion Greyjoy led the fleet of Daenerys Targaryen against both the Crown and the Stormlands, breaking the royal fleet in the Battle of the Narrows and raiding all along the south-eastern coast. He burned, sacked, and pillaged a black swathe across the land, driving more lords and knights to Aegon VI's side, and away from Daenerys. When the Mother of Dragons was murdered in Dorne, Victarion took what ships remained to him and abandoned his erst-while allies in the Stormlands, setting off toward home.

Upon arrival in the Iron Islands the Iron Captain was met with a strange sight - his niece sat the Seastone Chair, his brother Euron slain in battle. The whole of the Isles bent the knee to Asha Greyjoy but in the eyes of Victarion, he was the rightful King.

The Isles did not see it the same, however. To the Ironborn Victarion had come back a stranger - tainted by the Red God in the form of the blackened twisted mass that was his arm, preaching further resistance and war to a region that had already suffered several major defeats. His attempts to usurp the Iron Crown would fail, one by one, and in the end he found no other recourse but to bend the knee to his niece, the sole surviving issue of her father the King.

Victarion would remain the Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, siring sons and daughters both. In later years the Lady Asha would grant him and his descendants a keep on the south-western side of Pyke, soon named Saltwater Sound.

Members of the House Edit

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