House Flint of Flint's Finger is a noble house from Flint's Finger in the southwest of the north. They are probably less powerful than the Flints of Widow's Watch.

They blazon their banner as a grey stone hand upon a white inverted pall on paly black and grey.

History Edit

It is suggested that the Night's King was a Flint, among the many possibilities. Lord Commander Rodrik Flint is regarded as one of the worst commanders of the Night's Watch, for trying to make himself King-Beyond-the-Wall. One of the dark legends surrounding the Nightfort is the rape and murder of brave young Danny Flint.

A branch of House Flint held the Wolf's Den for a century after the extinction of the Greystarks.

When he was only ten years old, Balon Greyjoy scaled the Flint Cliffs to the Blind Lord's haunted tower.

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