Harry Strickland was the last commander of the Golden Company before Aegon VI Targaryen's victory in the Second War of Conquest. For his assistance during the war Harry was rewarded the Lordship of Harrenhal and was gifted a spot on Aegon VI Targaryen's small council. Harry would be seen as a thorn in Aegon's side for much of his rule, and his actions leading up to his death in 332 AC was the primary driving force behind the War of the Lords Scorned.

History Edit

The War of the Second Conquest Edit

Harry brought the Golden Company over to Westeros with Aegon VI Targaryen with the intent to press his claim in the Second War of Conquest. The Golden Company fought in all theaters the war, taking multiple holdings in the Stormlands and ultimately Storm's End before moving onwards to capture King's Landing. Harry was seen by Aegon and his other commanders as a coward and too cautious. When Aegon ordered Harry to march to the Riverlands to win him the support of the Riverlords, Harry failed in this endevour and was required to be relieved by Aegon in battle with House Frey. Despite this failure, Harry was rewarded Harrenhal for his deeds and granted a spot on Aegon's Small Council. Harry offered the Valyrian Steel sword Blackfyre to Aegon as a symbol of fealty, and kept the remaining mercenaries of the Golden Company under his employ as best he could.

Prelude to War Edit

The relationship between Aegon and Harry would be strained time and time again, ultimately setting in play the movement for the War of the Lords Scorned. When the War of the Waters broke in 306 AC, Harry refused to send soldiers to assist Aegon against Aurane Waters, creating a rift between the King and his lord. Later, Harry was dismissed from his position on the Small Council for embezzling funds and was ordered by Aegon to never return to the capital. From that day onwards the idea of the Scorned Lords formed, as Harry would never forgive Aegon for what he had done.

Harry would wed Lady Bracken in his time as Lord of Harrenhal and would have one son, Mycah Strickland. With this union, Harry would have a great degree of power in the Riverlands. Harry also forged a relationship with House Frey whom Aegon also looked at with Contempt, leading them to assist the rebels in the War of the Lords Scorned with the time came.

Harry would die in 332 AC, and leave his legacy to his son, Mycah. His final words to his son were what encourage his son to take action against the Crown and to make their demands known. The remaining forces of the Golden Company, as well as House Bracken and Frey were the ones who helped Mycah fight against the Crown.

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