Harrold Arryn is a knight of House Arryn and the current heir to the Vale. Born in 355 AC, Harrold was only five when he witnessed the deaths of his grandfather, grandmother, great-grandmother, mother and - most importantly - his sister. He is currently twenty-five, and is all but a recluse.

Appearance Edit

Harrold is tall, strong and well built, though makes absolutely no use of it. His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue, like his father, and he keeps his face clean shaven. He would make a fine knight and heir if he cared.

History Edit

The firstborn son of Osric Arryn and Arrana Egen in 355 AC, Harrold was always destined to one day rule the Vale. In 360, the young boy saw the deaths of most of his family, including his sister Larra, whom he was incredibly close to.

This left the boy scarred, heavily. While his father, uncle and other relatives suffered, Harrold was only a boy of five, and losing his only sibling and best friend was difficult on him. Ever since, he has been all but a recluse. Harrold is almost never seen outside of the Eyrie, descending only during the winter.

Though he is skilled with a sword, you would not know it, as he hasn't lifted one in years, preferring the comfort of his books. He was knighted honorarily as a young man, but has never made use of it.

Though not as close to his half-siblings as he was to Larra, he still holds a good deal of love for them, though refuses to call his sister by her full name, as it reminds him of his own mother too greatly. Of Lord Osric's four children, Harrold is the certainly the odd one out.

While Osric's other children focus on being fine young lords and ladies, Harrold does not. He locks himself away, reading and seldom socializing. Though smart and kind, his internal pain and grief has left him beyond repair. His father has been lenient with him, allowing him to remain unwed, knowing that if need be, he has a more suitable heir waiting in Kyle.

Recent Events Edit

When winter ended, Harrold opted to return to the Eyrie as swiftly as possible, choosing not to stay with his uncle and siblings at the Gates of the Moon.

Family Edit

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