Biography Edit

Born in 355 AC to Ulric Slate and Ryia Slate in Blackpool during relative peace in the North, Hadren was practically raised in the Godswood. On his 6th name day his father called in a favor from a retired Braavosi Sword he had met in his travels across the narrow sea.

By the time he was 10 he able to defeat his Water Dancing Master and one of his father's Knights in two on one combat. Perhaps the most consistent in his life, even more so than his lessons in Water Dancing was his faith in the Old Gods.

Shortly after his 17th name day, his father went missing after a hunt. Ulric was declared dead after a year. In the year between his father's disappearance and his ascension to lordship, Hadren travelled from city to city searching for any clues to his father's whereabouts. He spent lots of time in the woods hunting his own food and finding his own water and shelter. When travelling to The Wall in search of his father he was allowed to go north of the wall to pray to the weirwood trees. As his prayer was long and full it had become dark and he decided to make camp under the tree. During that night, a direwolf attacked him in his sleep. Somehow he killed the beast while only suffering a slash above his left eye.

After a year he had returned and by law Hadren had become Lord of Blackpool.

During the first 7 years of his rule he made strides to increase the faith of his people, while secretly weeding out non-believers in the dark.

Now in his 25th year he claims the Old Gods have chosen him to expand the faith across The Neck.

Timeline Edit

355: Hadren is Born.

365: Hadren becomes exceptionally proficient at Water Dancing.

372: Ulric goes missing; Hadren roams the north in search of his father; Fights off a direwolf north of the wall.

373: Ulric is declared dead; Hadren inherits Blackpool; Hadren starts his underground persecution.

Household Edit

Ulric Slate, Father - [Assumed dead 372]

Ryia Slate, Mother- 45


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