The Golden Tooth, also called the Tooth, is the seat of House Lefford in the Westerlands. It is located along the river road and is east of Ashemark and Sarsfield, west of Riverrun and Pinkmaiden, and north of Hornvale. Although the Golden Tooth is a small castle, it is a strong keep commanding the hill road.

Location Edit

It is a strong fortress and is well situated to guard the main pass through the mountains and the border with the Riverlands, it is located on the mountanous terrain on the eastern Westerlands, constructed under some of the most important gold mines of the region.

The mountains sorrounding the Golden Tooth create a natural choke point for any invading army, who will have to deal with attackers for many miles even before getting to "The Tooth" itself.

Layout Edit

The Golden Tooth is a small castle due to the size of the mountains it was built on; it is one of the strongest castles in the Westerlands having several watchtowers which allow control over the main entrance to the Westerlands.


Location of the Golden Tooth in the Westerlands

Strong walls along with towers run through the mountains to allow the defence of the region even before the oposing side can get to the castle itself.

It has a tall keep in its center where the rooms of House Lefford are, to its right the maester´s office and rooms and to its left the on the opposite side of the River Road are the barracks and the armory.

On the opposite side of the River Road there are several smaller towers which guard the entrances to the mines located below the mountains.

Due to the terrain it is located in there is not much farming in the area but cattle raising is abundant; sheep, goats and cows are raised on the slopes of the mountains, while grain, fruit and vegetables are imported from cornfield and the riverlands.

History Edit

Golden Tooth Vaults Jonny Klein

Golden Tooth vaults

Cerion Lannister, King of the Rock, conquered the hilly vicinity of the Golden Tooth by defeating trhee petty kings. He then granted the region to the Leffords, a House of Andal origin. The golde fron The Tooth helped establish House Lannister as one of the richest in all Westeros.

During the War of The Rock, the Golden Tooth sided with Tyrek Lannister and help prevent Martyn Lannister from getting reinforments from his allies outside of the Westerlands.

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