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Arthos of the Honeywine is a former hedge knight, currently employed in King’s Landing as a Gold-cloak of the City Watch.

He is often involved in the operations of the Cabal of Light and Dark, through which he is known as Glint.

History Edit

Arthos of the Honeywine, a wandering hedge knight served as a soldier under House Crakehall at the Battle of Corpse Lake, along with his companions Garth Greyfist, Larence Stingblade and Timmeth Waters. After the deaths of all of his companions except Larence, the pair decided that their martial skills would be better served in a more stable, and hopefully less dangerous path of employment.  

Becoming Gold-cloaks of the King’s Landing City Watch in 366AC, they have continued to patrol the streets since.  

Despite this, the desire for riches oft associated with hedge knights persists within them, and the duo frequently accept bribes and additional payments upon their standard salary to look the other way during various operations, and on rare occasions, partake in them too. 

Death Edit

Arthos was within the Red Keep when it was destroyed by wildfire in 381AC. He, Glow and Twilight were all killed by the colossal explosion.

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