Gaston Coldwater was a young boy when he got infected by greyscale. Turns out a trader infected him. He now has inactive Greyscale thanks to maestars but it scars him. His Brother died of a knight's blade when Gaston was nineteen leaving his family only one last sign he even lived, A baby bastard called Yohn Stone, named after the famous Yohn royce. Gaston Coldwater was 24 when he lead the defense against a tribe of Mountain clansmen who tried to better their fortunes by sacking Coldwater burn. During the siege he helped smuggle and let the Citizens of the nearby villages into the castle via hidden back door(I know i'm creative) making sure of their needs and catering to what the small-folk and the castle needed with the help of his fathers logistical skills. The siege was broken when Gaston lead his men with his spear to charge the enemy alongside the local militia and a few merc company's he hired to help clear off the enemies after Taxes from the smallfolk and the treasury coughed up the gold nessecary. Now as Lord of Coldwater Burn at the tender age of 43 he wishes to hold the castle of Coldwater burn so it may stand the test of time and be remembered as a great fortress.

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