The Frostfangs are a mountain range in the far north of the continent of Westeros, beyond the Wall and north of the Seven Kingdoms.

While formed of harsh terrain, it is home to two distinct wildling clans.

Geography Edit

The Frostfangs lie north of the Wall, just northwest of the Shadow Tower, separating the Lands of Always Winter to their west and the haunted forest to their east. Its southern peaks and foothills transition into the northern mountains, which are part of the North within the Seven Kingdoms. One of the largest mountains in the Frostfangs is called Forktop by the Night's Watch.

The easiest way into the Frostfangs is to follow the Milkwater river to its source, but this path is very visible from the Fist of the First Men. Other paths into the Frostfangs include the Giant's Stair and the Skirling Pass, if it is clear.

The Frostfangs are a cruel and inhospitable wilderness of stone and ice, jagged peaks eternally covered in snow. However, the Frostfangs conceal a diverse series of wonders. Icy waterfalls plunge over sheer stone cliffs, mountain meadows are filled with grass and wildflowers, there are ravines so deep and black they seem to go all the way to hell, and bridges of natural stone span distances with only the sky to either side.

It has been suggested that hidden valleys exist in the Frostfangs, valleys that sustain small numbers of people yet not even free folk dare live in the Frostfangs during the winter. Instead, mountain clans take shelter in great areas that run beneath the rock; a web of tunnels and caverns that provide safety from the harsh winter. The lower reaches of the Milkwater run in small streams through these caves, providing a source of freshwater for the clans during intense snowstorms when the outside is too hazardous to venture out.


A cavern entrance

Mountain Clans Edit

The Frostfangs are home to two large Wildling Clans, both of which have lived in the mountain for centuries. Both clans originally roamed the entire mountain range; never remaining in one area for too long. This close cohabitation led to many bouts of conflict between the two groups that, at one point, almost concluded with the extinction of one clan.

After this time, known as 'The Emptiness' on account of the many caverns left uninhabited, the Milkwater Divide was formed. This split the mountains into two territories: the area north of the Milkwater river, which was given to the clan of the Frostfang Caverns; and the area to the south, given to the roaming clan of the mountainside.


A great peak of the Frostfangs

At present, the northern clan is led by Srakmar, while the southern is led by Sigrid the Unnamed.

Quotes Edit

The Frostfangs were as cruel as any place the gods had made, and as inimical to men.
There's giants in the Frostfangs, and wargs, and worse things.

- Lark the Sisterman

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