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Eyron Cerwyn is the current lord of castle Cerwyn. He is currently 23 years old and has just taken over from his father who has died not to long ago. He has 2 siblings. his brother,Cley and his sister Allysane.

Appearance Edit

Eyron is Tall with an athletic build, he has blue eyes and black hair. Furthermore he has a strong jawline and a light stubble. His blue eyes always seem to follow every event carefully and don't reveal much about his personality.

Timeline Edit

357 AC: Eyron is born

360 AC: Cley is born

363 AC: Lysanne is born

369 AC: Eyron has gotten lost in the woods

377 AC: Eyron receives his falcon Jared.

sixth moon 380 AC : Donnor Cerwyn,Eyron's father dies from illnes and Eyron becomes the new lord.

Family Edit

Donnor Cerwyn: (B:320 AC,D:380 AC)

Lysa Forrester: (B:330 AC)

Eyron Cerwyn,current lord of Cerywn keep: (B:357 AC)

Cley Cerwyn: (B:360 AC)

Lysanne Cerwyn: (B:363 AC)

Supporting characters Edit

Maester Rodrick: Gift, Autodidactic

Lysanne Cerwyn: Gift, Beauty

Cley Cerwyn: Gift, Vitality

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