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He is a merchant whose shop is located in Pyke; he is said to be a bastard but he says he has never knew who his father was; some rumors say he was born at the Lonely Light. He is a member of "The Informant" circle at Pyke

Appearance Edit

He has long black hair which he wears to his shoulders, brown eyes and a flat face; he is average in height and built.

Euron is known for his greedy ways.

History Edit

Not much is known about his history, but he has said on several ocassions he is a bastard from a noble family who visited the Lonely Light but he never says which one, under the excuse he doesn't know.

According to his story a noble man laid with his mother while visiting the Lonely Light never returning again; he grew to wishing more than living on the farthest part of westeros, so he decided to move to Pyke where he started a business selling goods made by craftsmen from the Lonely Light especially knives made from sea lion fangs, armors made of whale skin and bones among other's.

Recent Events Edit

  • 380 AC - He ran into a couple of lysene merchants who offered him to be part of The Circle

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