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Elissa Forrester is a Scion at Ironrath, the youngest sister of the current Lord.

Appearance Edit

Elissa is a fairly slender lady not too unusual for fifteen. She has long, dark brown hair that contrasts her pale skin, and her light blue eyes on a girlishly rounded face.

History Edit

Born the youngest of the Forrester children to Rickard Forrester and Jeyna Umber, Elissa has always looked up to her elder siblings, though she has none of her eldest brother's brashness. A lady since birth, she has lapped up all the teachings about court life, and has always dreamed of her place there among the high lords and ladies. Because of this would often talk above her small years in an attempt to fit in, though she still had too much of a childhood innocence and naivety to fool anyone. As a child she would follow around her elders, and was underfoot more often than not. Mother, father, siblings and other guests alike would have to watch their feet to avoid small fingers and toes.

At seven years old Elissa was introduced to the sport of falconry; which she considered an appropriately ladylike sport. After spending years familiarizing herself with the techniques and equipment and using birds already in the family, she finally was able to select her own hatchling to raise. At ten years old, she would often be found spending countless hours with "Lady Alys", as she named her, trying to bond with the fledging bird. This was how, only a few months later, they realized that "Lady" Alys was actually a "Lord" Alys. Elissa was terribly disappointed, but the name had already stuck, and no other name seemed to fit. The bird had already become her close confidant and friend, and the two developed an inseparable bond. 

As a young and fairly privileged child, Elissa did not have much experience with death. The fact that she had lost her father at such a young age has not helped either. She is still young, however, and has a lot to learn.

Recent Events Edit

Timeline Edit

  • 365AC - Elissa is born, the youngest of the Forrester children
  • 372AC - Elissa hatches and raises her falcon, Alys 
  • 380AC - Elissa's father, Rickard Forrester, dies. 

Family Members Edit

Rickard Forrester, Elissa's father (b. 335AC- d. 380AC)

Jeyne Umber, Elissa's mother (b. 337AC)

Gregor Forrester, Elissa's nephew (b. 372AC)

William Forrester, Elissa's eldest brother (b, 353AC)

Sarra Forrester, Elissa's older sister (b, 352AC)

Ryon Forrester, Elissa's older brother (b. 355AC)

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