Edmure Tully was the son of Hoster tully, and served as Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands following the death of his father and the reclaiming of the region from the Freys during the Second War of Conquest.

History Edit

During the War of the Five Kings, Edmure Tully commanded the forces of the Riverlands. He defended both the border and his family seat of Riverrun from attacking Westerland forces, suffering several defeats but managing to achieve a few hard-fought victories.

Edmure is compelled by his family to wed Roslin Frey, the daughter of the Late Lord Walder. During their wedding ceremony his new father-in-law betrays them, murdering Robb Stark, Catelyn Tully, and several other prominent figures. Edmure is taken captive.

With the death of the King in the North much of the organized resistance in the Riverlands disintegrates. As Edmure is their prisoner, the Freys set about besieging Riverrun itself - only to be stopped by Jamie Lannister, who takes Edmure as his own prisoner. He offers Edmure a deal: an easy life as a hostage in Casterly Rock, alongside his wife and child, if he could get Riverrun to surrender. Edmure does so - but only after giving his uncle Brynden enough time to escape.

The Second Conquest Edit

Edmure Tully and Lady Jeyne Westerling were being carried south under heavy chain and guard by Ser Forley Prester. Their journey was very soon halted by a small host of Riverlanders led by Brynden Tully and the strength of some members of the Brotherhood without Banners. The Brigands managed to ambush Prester, who had been tired and groggy after ‘not being able to get a wink of sleep with the sounds of wolves howling’. Brynden and Edmure, together, would begin planning to take back the castle of Riverrun.

Jaime Lannister, in the captivity of Brienne of Tarth, was brought before Lady Stoneheart, the Hangwoman. Jaime, betrayed, began to curse out Brienne, damming her for her insolence. Lady Stoneheart released Podrick Payne and Hyle Hunt, as promised, and demanded their departure at once. It is unknown what happened to the Kingslayer or Lady Stoneheart, and even the tales surrounding them remained a mystery - save for in the song the Lady and the Lion.

Lord Frey during this time fell ill, falling to a sick bed with the winds of winter. Hushed rumors of discord spread and tales of Black Walder’s schemes began to spread. Upon Walder Frey's passing his descendants turn to infighting - Frey warring against Frey as they squabble for his seat. The Tully use this opportunity to their advantage - siding with the armies of Harry Strickland and the Golden Company who, on the orders of Aegon VI Targaryen, arrive to restore them to their seat.

Second Era Edit

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