Dust is a former Red Priest from the Volantene Grand Temple of R'hllor. She now works as a merchant and informant.

She is a member of the Cabal of Light and Dark.

History Edit

Sold to the Grand Temple of R'hllor while still a little girl, Saelora still exhibits the flame tattoos of servants of the temple, and although the colour has fade somewhat over the years, the marks are remain visible on her left cheek and forehead.

Whilst on an outreach mission at the harbour docks of Volantis, the aim being to convert merchants and sailors, whom would then carry the religion back to their home ports, Saelora met Captain Horello Vollahran, and his first-mate Xhallathar. Directly converse to her mission, she left the city, travelling with upon the Crimson Maid for sometime, learning the ways of trade and persuasion, becoming competent at such things.

After a few years, as Horello's trade network expanded, she was bestowed a ship of her own, the Final Ember, which she has commanded ever since.

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