Daris is a hedge knight trained by Ser Olwen. He is currently serving House Bolton.

Appearence Edit

Daris has medium height, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. His scar starts on the right eye and ends close to his right nostril, marking his pale skin. He wears an old set of armor and a red cape from the Blood Company.

History Edit

Daris' mother and father were farmers. On 358 AC, Daris came into this world. Pale skin and blue eyes like his father, and the black hair of his mother. His father used to be a soldier, but he left the battles behind after falling in love with Daris' mother. He taught the kid how to use a blade and defend himself. 

When he was 12 years old, a group of bandits attacked the farm. His father was murdered, his mother raped, and all he could do was stay hidden. They left the next morning, and the kid just stood there, in silence. That's when he met Ser Olwen, the landless knight. He and three other hedge knights were tracking down the bandits, but didn't arrive in time to save his family. Guilty for not being there in time, Ser Olwen took the kid as his squire. The bandits were captured, the lord avenged Daris' family, but something changed. Daris saw how the world really was and he begun the training to become a knight.

When Daris was 20 years old, he and Ser Olwen went to a village. The villagers were constantly being attacked, and asked for the two warriors to defend them. Ser Olwen accepted the task, planning to train the villagers and set traps. The night before the attack, Daris was invested as a knight by Ser Olwen. 

The two knights were on the front line against the bandits, and the numerical superiority plus training assured the villagers victory, but with a great cost. Ser Olwen received a fatal wound and died shortly after the battle.

Timeline Edit

  • 358 AC - Daris is born
  • 370 AC - Daris' parents are murdered. Daris becomes a squire
  • 378 AC - Daris becomes a knight. Ser Olwen is killed

Recent Events Edit

Daris arrives late to the tourney in Oldtown. He enters to the sevice of Walton Bolton and starts his journey to Dreadfort. There, Daris starts training smallfolk to create a special guard called The Blood Company. The Company has its first success defeating a bandit group led by a man called Big Tom, who was killed on a duel against Daris, but left a scar on the knight.

References Edit

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