Damon Lannister is the husband of Ellyn Lannister and uncle to Lady Roslin of Hornvale . He was a fervrent supporter of Tytos Kenning and thus was granted the privilege of marrying her. They have six children together: Stafford, Kevan, Tybolt, Martesse, Meredyth, and Myrcella.

Appearance Edit

He was once a large, tall man with an imposing figure. Before his death, he was slender, pale and sickly, with greying-white hair.

History Edit

Damon had a history for supporting Tytos Kenning in his attempts to seize power from underneath House Lannister. In 354 AC, because of his support, he was made to marry Lady Ellyn, upon the condition he would break her. He also took the name Lannister during this time He succeeded, for the most part, and took a fondness to beating her, and oft left her in the nude, and starved her. It was because of this that Ellyn had no more than five miscarriages over their time spent together. However, they did have six children together as well.

A short time into their marriage, Damon took a lover. Though they had no children together, when Ellyn seized power for herself with the aid of Jason Lannister and a large amount of the Westerlands, his lover was paraded through the streets of Lannisport naked, and sold to a brothel. Damon was given a formal pardon by Ellyn for his conspiring in treason, however, Ellyn began slowly poisoning him shortly after.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

As of 380, Damon has grown impoverished and sickly. He is not able to move great distances and often uses the comfort of a wheel chair.

Before Ellyn left for the tournament of Oldtown, she visited Damon. Damon said that he would've liked to split her skull, and Ellyn ordered his dose of poison doubled. However, in the coming months, Maester Creysen visited him frequently, and eventually lured him to his death, where he was killed by an unknown figure.

Quotes Edit

"Excuses. Poor excuses. He was certain that Casterly Rock knew, if not the whole West. They should’ve known he was being poisoned unjustly. They should’ve known, and yet they did nothing. Not for fifteen years. Not for him, and not for Ellyn before. Would he have a small army of thirty poor fools to convince? A flood of women to fuck and convince them that he was the best chance for the future of the West? No – Ellyn was lucky."

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