The Claw Rebellion was a war in the Crownlands between the Celtigars of Claw Isle and the houses Pyne and Hardy. The Pynes had grown tired of Celtigar rule upon Crackclaw Point, and declared for their freedom. They sent envoys to the other houses on Crackclaw Point asking for their aid in the war and offering a chance at freedom. But only the Hardys answered.

The War Edit

When Lord Crispian Celtigar learned of their rebellion, he sailed to Crackclaw Point with three hundred men and went to confront the enemies. However, Crispian was grievously injured in a skirmish between their forces. Crispian later died that night. The death of Lord Celtigar had prompted a few of the other houses to join the rebels in arms and fight against the Celtigars. But they held their position until it was determined who would win.

The new lord Daemar Celtigar was enraged, and vowed to crush the rebel houses and establish order on the peninsula. He sailed to Crackclaw Point with a hundred extra men. He joined up with Lord Cave, who had taken over the control of the three hundred men. Celtigar took over control of the forces, with Lord Cave and his uncle Balos as his generals. They met the rebels in battle, facing against their two hundred. At the end of the day, the rebels were defeated, and the survivors fled back to their keeps. Daemar went to both of their holds, and laid siege to them. Both of the houses sent envoys declaring their surrender and pleading for mercy, and that they would be loyal servants if they were given it. But Daemar wouldn't. He had his forces destroy their keeps, and kill every last of their family members. Only a few handful of their family members survived and fled across Westeros. Daemar declared that no member of either house would be allowed back into Crackclaw Point or Claw Isle.

Aftermath Edit

Immediately after the rebellion, Daemar sent ravens to each of the other lords of Crackclaw Point demanding their fealty and their presence on Claw Isle. Each of them arrived at the island. If they had not sworn their fealty they would be named traitors. Those that did would be rewarded. Daemar also arranged a marriage with the daughter of Lord Cave, as to bind the Clawmen and the Celtigars in marriage. The holds of House Pyne and House Hardy are still abandoned and ruined, and their lands were granted to loyal vassals of the Celtigars, or at least until a new lord was appointed to rule their previous holdings and titles.

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