Between the bogs of the Neck and the towering might of the Wall lies the North - the largest region of Westeros, taking up a third of its landmass and home to fierce, unyielding winters, and people much the same. Home to mighty forests and snow-capped mountains, the North is known for its wildness, and the danger it holds for the unready. It has been known to snow in summer, and in winter, entire villages may be lost to the cold. And yet this does not deter the men and woman that call this land their home, a peoples known across the realm for their resilience and hardiness.

Only in the North do the Old Gods of the First Men still hold sway, watching over their faithful through the eyes of the heart trees. Godswoods still spot the land and hold pride of place in castles and holdfasts, and though the chivalry of the south has no place beyond the Neck, the Northmen hold to older, deeper rules of conduct. Here the guest right is held dear, and no man dares forget his rightful vengeance.

The north has been ruled by the Starks for thousands of years from the castle known as Winterfell. Notable bannermen of the region include Bolton, Cerwyn, Dustin, Flint, Glover, Hornwood, Karstark, Manderly, Mormont, Reed, Ryswell, Tallhart, and Umber. Bastards of noble origin raised in the north are given the surname Snow.

For more information on recent events in the North, please see our State of the Realm page.

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