Brennan Waters is the son of Odesza, daughter of a Volantene noble, and an unknown father of Valyrian heritage.


Born in an odd sort of middle class in King's Landing, Brennan was afforded an education and decent opportunities. He eventually apprenticed with a blacksmith until he left King's Landing at fifteen, where he was picked up by a band of sellswords as a mender of their arms and armor and was taught the ways of the sword and of R'hllor, the Red God. Eventually, he became a full-fledged sellsword himself, until some local disputes forced the band to go their separate ways. Now, Brennan wanders in search of opportunity.

Early Life Edit

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Living With Sellswords Edit

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Bloodied Hands Earn Shiny Coins Edit

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Recent Events Edit

Brennan took a contract protecting a caravan to Oldtown, planning on competing in the tournament there to win over some new opportunities with most of the Seven Kingdoms' nobility present.

Quotes by Brennan Edit

"I've never seen the Mother or the Warrior, but I've seen proof of R'hllor's power with my own eyes. Not tricks, not illusions...real proof. That's good enough reason for me to believe."

Quotes about Brennan Edit

Family Edit

  • Unknown Father (Valyrian)
  • Lady Odesza of Volantis
    • Brennan Waters

NPC Followers Edit

  • Roger Storm: Age 52; Swordsman and former leader of a group of sellswords. He is a larger man, tall and strong, with weathered features and black hair and beard just barely beginning to gray from age. He acted as Brennan's instructor in both the sword and the religion of the Lord of Light. After the group disbanded, he decided to follow Brennan, taking an interest in the young man's potential and a desire to see where his path would take him.

Gift: Strong

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