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Brandt 'the Sword' is a fearsome warrior from the Great Frostfang Mountain clan.

The clan inhabits the Frostfang Mountains, south of the Milkwater river.

History Edit

Brandt was born in 350 AC, one year after his sister Asta, to an unknown mother and father. Their parents died not long after his birth.

Finding himself to be naturally strong, Brandt strove to become a mighty warrior; feared and revered, and so spent many hours of his young life training.

During his first hunt, his group came across a threesome of men clad all in black; rangers of the Night's Watch. When his companions surrendered, Brandt was thrown into a frenzy; killing every other man there - both Crow and Free-Folk alike - with his sheer strength and the wooden spiked club he kept at his hip.

Having seized one Brother's steel greatsword, he returned to the clan, painted with blood and reciting a tale of ambush and bravery. Although many internally doubted his story, he was hailed as a mighty warrior and named 'the Sword' for his great prize.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

Brandt competes in battle for the title of Chief of the Frostfangs, accidentally killing two challengers but ultimately losing to Sigrid, daughter of the previous Chief.

He is part of the group of warriors to raid Bear Island.

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