Ser Brandon Whitehill is the Lord of Highpoint and the head of House Whitehill. He is forty-six years old, and has five children: Clarence, Minisa, Elend, Mierin, and Lyarra.

Appearance Edit

Brandon is a handsome man for his years, with deep dark eyes and a square build. He is strong. He has brown hair that has only just started to grey.

History Edit

Brandon was once a noble knight and fought alongside House Stark and Bolton during the War of the Shadow. During the war he married Lady Bethany, a merchant's daughter who he had aspired to love. They had five children together over the course of five years - Clarence, Minisa, Elend, Mierin, and Lyarra, though afterwards she was unable to provide anymore.

As a devout follower of the Seven, Brandon charged his first daughter to become a Septa when it was discovered that she secretly wished it. He denied Lyarra her wish for a true education, though Lady Bethany was able to persuade him to allow her her education.

Eventually the relationship between Bethany and Brandon grew strained, culminating in an event where she barged in on a sup between Brandon and his daughter, Lyarra. Though the details are not known, what it known is that at the end, Lady Bethany was dead, and her lover with her.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

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