Brander "the Beauty" Pyke is the natural son of Nute Greyjoy and his lover/paramour Thalia Myre. He serves as a captain in the Iron Fleet, commanding the longship Naggasbane.

Appearance Edit

Brander shares the traditional Greyjoy traits of dark hair and pale eyes, his own being a cloudy blue. A fairly tall man, he boasts wide shoulders and a face that seems set in a scowl. A scar mars the left-hand side of his face, while his back boasts pale silver lines from the marks of a lash. Another scar lines his neck, from where he had once been hanged - but the years have worn it to a nearly unnoticeable sheen.

Personality Edit

Though he has the look of a hard and dour man, Brander boasts a fairly easy going personality, always easy and eager to laugh. His amiable nature makes him popular aboard his ship and off it, where many men treat him as if he were trueborn.

That isn't to say that he is a soft man, however. When aroused his anger is a terrible thing, the berserker blood running thickly through his veins. In the heat of combat he tends to lose himself, focusing so intently upon slaying the man he wishes to say that all the rest of the world seems to fade into the periphery. He once described it, saying:

Its like being dunked underwater; the roaring of the waves in your ears and the taste and smell of salt suddenly becoming overwhelming. You flail and thrash but a strong hand holds you under, keeping you there long past your limit until all you want in the word is to break that hand so you might breathe again.
— Brander Pyke, On Being a Berserker

A lover of both music and the finer things in life, some might say Brander was soft for an Ironborn - though he'd likely force them to eat those words, if his crew or that of his cousins did not end the offender before he got the chance.

History Edit

Brander spent ten years alongside his cousin Urrigon in the Summer Sea, raiding and reaving and establishing Port Plunder, When the Storm of Splinters was lost he followed the Greyjoy into a retreat, and has remained one of his closest friends and confidants even after his return to Pyke.

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