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Ayrmidion Waters is the bastard born son of Prince Daeron Targaryen and Lyra of Myr.

Appearance Edit

Ayrmidion stands at 5'5" with light indigo eyes and, despite his darker blonde hair, carries the features of a Targaryen.

History Edit

From a young age, Ayrmidion was treated like royalty. His father, being a prominent figure in King's Landing politics, ensured his upbringing would not be hindered by the stigma that plagued base-born children. Daeron had Ayrmidion assigned to him to be his page and eventually became his squire, although Daeron would continue to call him his serving boy considering the Prince preferred to keep to the city rather than enjoy combat.

To this day he continues to serve his father, often running errands and occasionally be Daeron's eyes and ears in the Red Keep.

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