The Assault on Duskendale was one of the major battles that occurred during the short-lived War of the Lords Scorned in 333 AC. It proved to be a decisive yet costly victory for the rebellious lords, and yet still marked the turning point in the war.

Having no choice but to march on Duskendale or face being surrounded, the Lords Scorned headed east, towards the coast. They arrived at Duskendale to find it garrisoned by the three thousand men sent by King Aegon VI. Operating on borrowed time, the rebels were left with no choice but to assault the town.

The fighting was bloody, and at the end of it all, the victors had lost more men than the defenders, but the numerical advantage of the Lords Scorned won them the day. With Duskendale secured, they were free to march along the ocean roads, directly towards King's Landing.