Ashmark is the seat of House Marbrand in the Westerlands. Located in hilly terrain, the castle is situated southeast of the Crag, northwest of the Golden Tooth, and north of Sarsfield.

300px-The Westerlands

The location of Ashmark in the Westerlands

Layout Edit

Ashmark dominates the area surrounding it's light, stone walls, and covers the big piece of land. It spots a big tower, one belonging to the Lord and his immediate family, but that's the only tower it possesses. Maester's offices are based on the right side of the keep, and a separate part is given to the kin of the direct line to dwell in. A sept, one of the bigger of the Westerlands, is spotted on the left side, and is popularly called The Father's Sept due to its very masculine features.

Below the keep itself lays a town which gives the Lords of Ashmark food, and in return, it is protected by the guard of about 500 guardsmen, made of mixed Marbrand, Doggett and Moreland men. The town, too, is protected by walls, though much lighter than the walls of the main keep.

History Edit

Ashmark was always upgraded by many Lords of House Marbrand throughout its existence.

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