Aenar Targaryen is the first child of Prince Daeron Targaryen and Princess Jaehaera Targaryen. Through them he gained a claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros which he recently pushed.

Appearance Edit

Aenar is a man of above average height, with violet eyes and short platinum hair. He has the presence of a lean and athletic man.

History Edit

The eldest son of Daeron and Jaehaera Targaryen, Prince Aenar Targaryen was born of an unhappy marriage. As a youth, Aenar often avoided his parents, exploring the halls of the red keep, reading books about epic battles and great warriors. His grandfather, King Viserys III, taught Aenar cyvasse when he was very young, and the young prince learned the game rapidly, proving somewhat of a savant at it, with a defensive playstyle that ruthlessly punishes mistakes.

Aenar has grown to be an skilled and honorable but prideful young knight, after squiring for Ser Daven Lannett, the King's sworn sword. He also became good friends with Ser Rickard Stark during the Stark heir’s time in King's Landing.

Recent Events Edit

380 AC Edit

Recently, he has traveled to the Tourney of Oldtown, where he participated in the Joust and Melee, knocking down three opponents in the melee, but failing in the first round of the joust.

He grew quite infatuated with Ysilla Dayne during his time in Oldtown, but in the aftermath of his uncle Aegor fleeing the city, got caught up in politics. With Victor Tyrell offering him his sister's hand in marriage, Aenar found himself caught up in the Game of Thrones.

After his mother tried to convince him to support his claim, Aenar instead put forth his claim over Aegor's, and was immediately rebuked. He was placed inside of a prison cell for his actions.

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