This list is for all characters that are being actively played, have been previously played, or are established and open, and who plays them. Alternate characters will have the name of the player's primary character beside their name. Please sort your character by region of where their House seat is.

For a more in depth list, see this google spreadsheet.

The CrownlandsEdit

King's Landing - Targaryen

Dragonstone - Targaryen Edit

Driftmark - VelaryonEdit

Sharp Point - Bar Emmon Edit

Claw Isle - CeltigarEdit

Stokeworth - Stokeworth Edit

Duskendale - Rykker Edit

Stonedance - Massey Edit

Dyre Den - Brune of Dyre Den Edit

Rook's Rest - Staunton Edit

Rosby - Rosby Edit

Sweetport Sound - Sunglass Edit

Cressey's Keep - Cressey Edit

The Antlers - Buckwell Edit

Dorne Edit

Sunspear - Martell Edit

Ghaston Grey Edit

Godsgrace - Allyrion Edit

Blackmont - Blackmont Edit

Lemonwood - Dalt Edit

High Hermitage - Dayne Edit

Starfall - Dayne Edit

Drinkwater Keep - Drinkwater Edit

Skyreach - Fowler Edit

Salt Shore - Gargalen Edit

The Tor - Jordayne Edit

Kingsgrave - Manwoody Edit

Sandstone - Qorgyle Edit

Spottswood - Santagar Edit

Ghost Hill - Toland Edit

Hellgate Hall - Harrowmont Edit

Hellholt - Uller Edit

Red Dunes - Vaith Edit

Wells Keep - Wells Edit

Wyl - Wyl Edit

Yronwood - Yronwood Edit

The Iron IslandsEdit

Pyke - Greyjoy Edit

Ten Towers - Harlaw Edit

Volmark - VolmarkEdit

Hammerhorn - Goodbrother Edit

Nettlebank - Tawney Edit

Lordsport - Botley Edit

Stonehouse - Stonehouse Edit

Shatterstone - Goodbrother Edit

Pebbleton - Merlyn Edit

Sunderly Keep - Sunderly Edit

Iron Holt - Wynch Edit

Blacktyde Castle - Blacktyde Edit

Sealskin Point - Farwynd Edit

Old Wyk - Drumm Edit

Codd Keep - Codd Edit

Orkmont - Orkwood Edit

The NorthEdit

Winterfell - StarkEdit

The Dreadfort - Bolton Edit

Ryswell Keep - Ryswell Edit

Karhold - Karstark Edit

Last Hearth - Umber Edit

Skagos - Magnar Edit

Greywater Watch - Reed Edit

Deepwood Motte - Glover Edit

Ironrath - Forrester Edit

Torrhen's Square - Tallhart Edit

White Harbor - Manderly Edit

Highpoint - Whitehill Edit

Castle Cerwyn - Cerwyn Edit

Oldcastle - Locke Edit

Hornwood - Hornwood Edit

Barrowton - Dustin Edit

Mormont Keep - Mormont Edit

Mollen Keep - Mollen Edit

Deepwood Motte - Glover Edit

Cassel Keep - Cassel Edit

Widow's Watch - Flint Edit

Flint's Fingers - Flint Edit

Snowhearth - Thenn

Blackpool - Slate Edit

Mountain Clans Edit

The Neck - Crannogmen Edit

The ReachEdit

Highgarden - Tyrell Edit

Whitegrove  - TyrellEdit

Brightwater Keep - FlorentEdit

Oldtown - HightowerEdit

Old Oak - Oakheart Edit

Horn Hill - Tarly Edit

Red Lake - Crane Edit

Honeyholt - Beesbury Edit

Oldflowers Keep - Oldflowers Edit

Blackcrown - Bulwer Edit

Coldmoat - Osgrey Edit

Darkdell - Vyrwel Edit

Mandrake Hall - Mandrake Edit

Uplands - Mullendore Edit

The Ring - Roxton Edit

The Arbor - Redwyne Edit

Bitterbridge - Caswell Edit

Greenshield - Chester Edit

Starpike - Peake Edit

Goldengrove - Rowan Edit

Bandallon - Blackbar Edit

Tumbleton - Footly Edit

New Barrel - Fossoway Edit

Cider Hall - Fossoway Edit

Ashford Hall - Ashford Edit

Long table - Merryweather Edit

The RiverlandsEdit

Riverrun - TullyEdit

The Twins - Frey Edit

Harrenhal - Targaryen Edit

Stronghold - Strong Edit

Belfry Tower - Lothston Edit

Shawney Hall - Shawney Edit

Wayfarer's Rest - Vance Edit

Lychester - Lychester Edit

Maidenpool - Mooton Edit

Raventree Hall - Blackwood Edit

Stone Hedge - Bracken Edit

Mudd Hall - Mudd Edit

Seagard - Mallister Edit

Erenford - Erenford Edit

Pinkmaiden - Piper Edit

Atranta - Vance Edit

Darry - Darry Edit

Willow Wood - Ryger Edit

The StormlandsEdit

Storm's End - BaratheonEdit

Stonehelm - Swann Edit

Blackhaven - Dondarrion Edit

Nightsong - Caron Edit

Crow's Nest - Morrigen Edit

Griffon's Roost - Connington Edit

Cape Wraith - Seaworth Edit

Parchments - Penrose Edit

Felwood - Fell Edit

Harvest Hall - Selmy Edit

Bronzegate - Buckler Edit

Mistwood - Mertyns Edit

Evenfall Hall - Tarth Edit

Rain House - Wylde Edit

Poddingfield - Peasebury Edit

Greenstone - Estermont Edit

Gallowsgrey - Trant Edit

Summerhall- Targaryen Edit

Amberly - Rogers Edit

Grandview - Grandison Edit

The Vale Edit

The Eyrie - Arryn Edit

Runestone - Royce Edit

Gulltown - GraftonEdit

Heart's Home - Corbray Edit

Redfort - Redfort Edit

Strongsong - Belmore Edit

Longbow Hall - Hunter Edit

Ironoaks - Waynwood Edit

Old Anchor - Melcom Edit

Ninestars - Templeton Edit

Pebble - Pryor Edit

Witch Isle - Upcliff Edit

Egen Keep - Egen Edit

Wickenden - Waxley Edit

Sisterton - Sunderland Edit

New Keep - Hersy Edit

Grey Glen - Tollet Edit

Goldwater Burn - Coldwater Edit

The WesterlandsEdit

Casterly Rock - LannisterEdit

Lannisport - Lannister Edit

The Crag - Westerling Edit

Banefort - Banefort Edit

Ashemark - Marbrand Edit

Boar's Head - Vikary Edit

Kayce - Kenning Edit

Crakehall - Crakehall Edit

Hornvale - Brax Edit

Ferren Keep - Ferren Edit

Payne Hall - Payne Edit

Clegane's Keep - Clegane Edit

Cornfield - Swyft Edit

Castamere - Spicer Edit

Fallwell Keep - Fallwall Edit

Feastfires - Prester Edit

Broomsfield - Broom Edit

Yew - Yew Edit

Golden Tooth - Lefford Edit

Essos Edit

Materys Edit

The Wall and BeyondEdit

The Wall Edit

Beyond the Wall Edit

The Citadel Edit

Maesters Edit

Archmaesters Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

Hedgeknights Edit

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